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Marco Souza
  • It is a professional cartoonist with over a decade and a half of experience and proven satisfaction in the business market Presencais events.


  • He began his career in 2002, serving with excellence throughout the national territory, ensuring competitive prices caricature, and high quality with the provision of its services and products which qualified



  1. expertise with greater know-how along the Logística of your event.

  2. Support recognized and competent from the first contact.

  3. Excellence as the presentation.

  4. Commitment and partnership.

  5. Organization and Timeliness.

  6. friendliness associated with a good service to your guests or customers are guaranteed professional brands Marco Souza.



  • Souza produces only works with personal and conceptual traits.



Souza is the greatest caricaturist of Brazil "because it measures 2 meters tall"

Chico Caruso

( O globo)

caricaturista rj


Specialist Caricature



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