We are a company with expertise in corporate events, and a Board that operates in the cartoon industry for over 14 years. We create and execute actions, promotional campaigns, participate in merchandising campaign, events of any kind and more.


Our vision


Since 2002 SouzaArte only grew.

The company has a highly qualified team.

The advise on major events in your home, your business, internet, always try to offer what is best and new market


Our values


The security and reliability of SouzaArte Values and Ethics supports from:


  • The excellent service,

  • The esclarerecimentos the doubts that arise,

  • The advice in the hiring process,

  • The contract manufacturing,

  • Scheduling your date,

  • Is the best! Offering the best forms of payment.


Our compromise


  • Deliver on your hands the solution to the realization of a great event and transform our customers into partners and friends. What has been happening frequently.



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our Recognition


  • Today our biggest marketing source is the statement!

  • About 78% of our contracts has instructions!

  • Only reaffirms Souza Art brand as a provider of service with high index of satisfaction.

  • We are very grateful for all these achievements!

The company

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